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  • Free
  • zip. zilch. nada.can't beat this deal!
  • For some groups, more than you ever imagined for free.
    • Sign Up Free
    • 2 owned spaces
    • Unlimited space members
    • 1 GB storage
  • Pro
  • starting at $9/monthor $99/year and save!
  • For individuals that lead groups and teams and want more.
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    • up to 10 or 30 owned spaces
    • Unlimited space members
    • 5 or 15 GB storage
  • Kona Business
  • $10/user/monthor $110/user/year and save!
  • Do more for your organization.
    • Buy Now
    • Unlimited owned spaces packed with extra features
    • Private employee social network
    • 2 GB storage/per user
    • Organization templates, reporting, analytics and admin control
    • API's and widget integration
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zip. zilch. nadazip.

starting at $9

per month


per user/month




Minimum 10




up to

10 or 30





5 or 15GB


per user

Real-time Conversations in the context of…
Discussion topics
Calendar events
Task management
Space events and Calendar sharing
File management
Integration with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive & Docs
People groups
Private/public permissioning
My Kona personal productivity view
Advanced search
Mobile (Android and iOS)
Premium space features
Space overview page
Group polls
Tags for organizing and filtering
Multi-level folders for files, tasks and conversations
Advanced comment formatting
Space copying
Outlook calendar integration
Space templates
Multiple space owners
Expanded profiles
File versioning
Space archiving
Open spaces
Kona Business account administration
Organization control and ownership of spaces
Account administrator role and console
Easy user on– and off–boarding
Usage reporting and analytics
Export and eDiscovery
Company based file storage limits
Private social network
Space publishing
Space template publishing
Private space template gallery with permissions
Kona platform
Kona embed
Access to Kona APIs
Premium support

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Kona FAQs

  • What is meant by unlimited spaces?

    Associate as many spaces as you want to your organization’s Kona account. Spaces work great for specific project teams or initiatives, employee organization departments, or on-going groups like the office running club. It’s easy to administer ownership and removal of users across your organization’s spaces.

    Any member of the account can create and associate a space to an account. However the organization never has visibility or access to “personal spaces” that a member creates and does not associate with the organization's account.

  • Can I include guests outside my organization?

    There’s no limit on who can be invited into your organization-controlled spaces. Bring whoever is needed into a space to engage around a purpose while having administrator visibility of who’s in your spaces from outside your domain.

  • How does storage work?

    Files shared within spaces owned by an organization count towards an organization-wide storage limit rather than an individual’s limit. You can add more storage to your organization’s account in generous increments if needed.

  • What are company templates?

    Company templates are recipes for execution of repeatable projects or processes within your business. Spaces can be published as templates, making the knowledge of how to complete something easily consumable by a group. This all happens via communication in context of prescribed tasks, events, files, and notes.

  • Reporting, analytics, and archiving?

    Get insight into usage metrics for a view of engagement across people, teams, and projects occurring within your organization. Determine the value you’re getting from Kona. Freeze activity and retain spaces you want to keep indefinitely while always having the ability to export data from your spaces at any time.

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