You Asked…We Answered

July 25, 2012

The Kona Team is happy to announce the unveiling of a new recurring column called “You Asked, We Answered.”  It’s as simple as it sounds: we’ll answer your questions and reveal the things you are just itching to know about Kona.

If you’re eager to have a question answered, submit it to us here. Chances are, if you’ve got something on your mind, others do too (after all, great minds think alike). And along with questions, we’ll also update our readers on new features and product updates. That’s the great thing about technology; it’s always moving and improving. We hope you enjoy this new addition to the blog, and don’t be shy; keep the questions and suggestions coming!

Kona Question of the Week:

Dear Kona,

When I first made a space in Kona for the book club I’m a part of, I just selected a photo of a stack of books that I found in the Kona Image Library. Now I have this great, personalized photo of the group from the holiday party. Each person is holding their new book in the air; it would be perfect for our space! Problem is, I have no idea how to edit the information for the space. Please help!

Need a new look


Dear Need a new look,

We have an easy solution for you! To get started, enter the book club space and click on the small pencil icon to the right of the space name.

From there you can edit the space name, type (whether work or personal), the description of the space, the image and space color. To swap out the old image with the new, just click “Upload image” above the Kona Image Library button, locate your Christmas picture and save your new custom look.

You asked for it…you got it!

Oh how we love saying that. We have an entire section dedicated to our users and their ideas to make Kona even better. You can peruse the requests and give the ole’ thumbs up for those ideas you would like to see make it here. If a request is all thumbs, we know it’s what our community wants most, so click it if you like it!

We received several requests from our user community to have task reminders, and they have arrived! You can now create reminders for new and existing tasks and even add as many “helpful” ones as you think it will take to get it checked off your list.

In the “task details,” check the “reminder” box to open the date and time fields for setting and choose how you would like to receive it. If you want to add another, click “add another reminder” beneath the first. Make sure to click “save” when you’re all done and Kona will do the rest.

Sharing is the name of the game for a very cool new Kona feature. Giving out links to friends and coworkers is a great way to toss ideas around for planning events and projects. Previously, when you posted a URL into a conversation it appeared on its own. Some people may shy away from clicking on links without knowing what they are, but now you can insert a URL into the comment box so everyone can get a sneak peak. To initiate the preview, you must include one space after the URL. After the preview pops up, you can post the link. Feel free to include text before or after the link, just follow the one-space rule.

Note: Creating a link preview is a function of existing conversations. If you want to start a conversation around the link, simply add your conversation and invite your audience first. Then re-open the conversation to insert your link preview.

And here’s a teaser of what the comments field will look like after the next Kona release:

Another Kona Community “favorite” request: more space…more space…more space and we definitely agree.


Until next time Kona Community,
Allison M. – Community Manager

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