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March 24, 2014

I was recently at an event in Stockholm called Women in Tech where I had the opportunity to hear astounding women in technology speak about their journey with innovation in a digital world. Among them included Cristina Stenbeck (Executive Chairman at Kinnevik), Michelle Guthrie (Managing Director, Partner Business Solutions at Google) and Rochelle King (Global VP of design at Spotify).  Not only was it incredibly inspiring, but it also reinforced to me the power of social collaboration and the changes it brings to innovation.

I work closely with Kona, so I constantly introduce it in my conversations outside of work, whether in person, on Twitter, or through other means of communication. Quite frequently I am asked, what is Kona and how can it benefit my business?

My answer has been along the lines of: I believe Kona is a new way to collaborate efficiently with internal and external parties, and gather everything you need in one place. Its a plug and play, cloud-based solution that will help you get things done better than before. But that is not really exciting, is it? Elevator pitch aside, my gut feeling is that I will be part of a journey to change the way people communicate all over the world.

Innovation is not an option anymore. We live and work in a rapidly changing environment, and to compete we must diversify our skills and technologies to adapt to new generations of buyers and employees. Specifically, remote teams and an influx in information and resources diminishes efficiency and team camaraderie. Kona was built with this problem in mind: to solve the issues teams have working together in a dispersed, busy environment.

Annika Steiber, PhD in Innovation Management & director at Strategos, shared some words at the event that hit on the problem that Kona solves: “The challenge with big organizations is that you need to get rid of hindrance and information-silos, to create a transparent space for people to communicate and this is a big part to keep innovation going.”

At Deltek, Kona truly became our solution. It came in and replaced a lot of different services for communication, removing barriers that stopped us from innovating together and in the end, perform better. Specifically we use Kona for:

  • Onboarding space for new employees

  • User community for our customer base

  • Hub for all internal communications

  • Spaces for pilot projects

  • Client spaces for consulting services

  • Marketing projects, including external vendors

  • Product development space for design, development and deployment

  • Developer innovation space to share, learn and bounce ideas off of peers

Now we live and breath in Kona

The best part about this is that I can talk to any person or group around an idea at any time, furthering our innovation and productivity. Having access to the knowledge of the 1,700 employees in our company at my fingertips guarantees I will be connected and in the know, never wasting time. It makes no difference that the person I need to talk to is based in Singapore or London, is a co-worker or a client, is a developer or a sales rep. And beyond Deltek, Kona will help companies stay innovative and in the long run, changing the way we all communicate.

We have found that you, our users, just “get it.” We are glad you do and appreciate you helping us to spread the word!

As we more forward, social collaboration will continue to grow and and enable more organizations to become innovative. I look forward to it, don’t you?
See you in Kona!

Sara – Kona believer and evangelist

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