What Can Kona Do for You?

February 29, 2012

So far we’ve been pretty quiet during the initial stages of Kona’s beta, listening and learning a lot from early users. But based on the encouraging feedback, it’s time to start sharing more.

It’s easiest to explain Kona through how it can help groups of people. Here are a few snapshots of what we’ve seen:


Volunteer parents of a kindergarten class are more active since starting to use a Kona shared calendar for coordinating the dates when help is needed.
  A remodeling contractor is making life easier for their client by capturing all the conversations and decisions being made within a Kona space they share.
  A youth soccer team manager used Kona to track all the fundraiser activities, team forms, and scheduling changes. Recognizing how everything else was in their Kona space, parents started using it to share photos and coordinate car pools.
  A project team spread across time zones is now delivering better designs and having more fun. Kona’s social feel brought them closer, replacing “hand off” emails with virtual high fives.

How are you using Kona? Please post a comment and let us know.

Our hope is to start building your trust in two ways. First, proving that we really understand how to help groups connect better. And second, giving you reasons to feel good about introducing Kona to others.

Expect to hear from us a couple of times each week. We’ll show you more of what Kona can do for you.

If you’re not yet a Kona user yet, go to www.kona.com and sign up. If you’re already in Kona, please keep the feedback coming and your eyes open for updates. Much more is planned for the months ahead!

Thanks for your interest,

Jeff Eckerle, Co-founder of the Kona Team


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