User Success Story: Cindy Cates

August 22, 2013

I am the VP of Finance and Administration at EDI, Ltd., a leading healthcare IT consulting and design firm specializing in communication technologies, information systems infrastructure, security, audio-visual systems, and data center. As most do at a small firm, I wear many hats. I am essentially responsible for all things administrative at the company. This includes finance, human resources, and IT, which puts most software and company-wide solutions in my domain.

I discovered Kona at a perfect time for my company; we were actively seeking a system that would enable us to effectively collaborate with clients on projects, as well as integrate with or build on software that we already have and use effectively. We had tried SharePoint to no avail (it was too complex for our needs), and we wanted to use a tool that wasn’t dictated by our clients but something we selected on our own. Kona has allowed us to easily connect with clients in one place where we can work and communicate together seamlessly. It’s great having the ability to collaborate with clients without restrictions on the group as a whole. In fact, we can invite as many people as we want into the space without needing to involve IT.

Internally, we were also looking for a way to organize different recurring projects, including the month-end close and onboarding of new employees. I have added templates to our account space gallery for these processes that my colleagues and I can use. Task lists help our team remember all the steps necessary for completing the projects, so we don’t miss a beat. Additionally, people groups make it easy to organize and delegate responsibilities for the people involved in a project. The biggest difference between using Kona and other project management methods I’ve used in the past is that I can see the status of things without having to ask. Our month-end process has been smoother because I don’t have to IM or call people for status updates. In the past, I might have ended up on the phone for longer than I really needed to be.

Best of all, Kona truly brings together everything that we are working on. It has been a challenge for us in the past to manage different communication and file sharing systems. The other file sharing solutions we explored were too expensive, and we quickly discovered that having information stored in various places caused confusion across the team. Now everyone is on the same page in our project space and we can easily share files and have conversations around them. We have never been so successful as a team.

Cindy Cates

EDI, Ltd.

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