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August 15, 2013

Our goal is to make your on-the-go Kona experience as productive and enjoyable as possible. We hope you enjoy these mobile enhancements!

@ Mention and Important Comments

The @ mention and important comment features are great for getting people’s attention and for flagging messages with high priority. You can now do both of these actions using Kona mobile. In expanded entry mode, the formatting options above your keyboard include the @ mention symbol for people mentions and the exclamation point icon for marking comments important.


Images and Links Open Within the App

When you click on an image attachment or an external link in conversations, tasks and events, they will open up within the app. Now you can stay right in Kona to visit web pages and view shared images.

Inline Images

You can now see a thumbnail of the images that you attach to any comments from the expanded entry. They will appear in-line.

Participate in Polls

Polling is a business feature that is great for gathering team feedback and facilitates easier decision-making. Kona business account members can add polls to new discussion topics and all space members, including account guests, can take them. You can now take polls and view results from the mobile app, allowing you to vote while on the go.

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