The Email “Tipping Point”

November 01, 2012

We all use email every day as our main point of communication with the rest of the world.  It’s quick and easy although there are limitations.

As a beginning Kona user who doesn’t have Kona open all day, keeping your email notifications turned on and set to Hourly can be extremely useful.  You will receive instant email notifications if you’ve been mentioned in a conversation, and updates on all your other Kona items every hour.  (You can even set each conversation to a different setting if you’d prefer to catch up Daily instead of Hourly, for example.)  It’s easy to respond to a conversation, create tasks, and add files to Kona via email. Say goodbye to filing emails in folders because Kona has  you covered.  Everything you add via email gets added to Kona so you can rest assured that you will always be able to get back to it and review the information later.  You are able to stay engaged with your space while still going about the rest of your day as usual.

We’ve noticed, however, that as your number of spaces and conversations grow, so do your emails from Kona.  Eventually, you will hit the “tipping point” where it’s more productive to primarily interact with your team in Kona than via email.  If you’ve already hit that peak, congratulations!  Kona is now a big enough part of your life to be even more useful for you.  The tipping point is a great time to download the Kona mobile application (if you haven’t already done so) and turn off emails.  The Kona mobile app lets you stay connected with your spaces on the go without cluttering your email.

The other place to keep up to date on your spaces is of course  When you come in to Kona, your unread conversations are like an inbox for all your space activity with the Kona orange bubble on the logo in the top left and on each conversation showing you where to check.  You will see new events, files, tasks, conversations, and comments that are easily clickable for more information.  If you see Kona lit up with orange bubbles when you log in, you know your team is engaged in the space and everything is moving full steam ahead!  Kona puts you in the driver’s seat because the best part of all is that you control when and how you get the information from Kona so that it works for you – use email for some spaces but not others, set your email frequency differently per conversation, check in using the mobile app, and keep Kona open on your desktop for instant access.  We encourage you to experiment with your settings to optimize Kona for you.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the collaboration going on everywhere in your life, customizing Kona to your needs will simplify your life.

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