The Changes that Fall Brings

September 06, 2012

Everyone here at Kona has been asking the same question: where did summer go? Although we are sad to say goodbye to the warm weather, we are excited about fall because it is the season of change. And here at Kona, we love change.

The fall brings the start of the school year, new schedules and changing leaves. We recently celebrated new changes in Kona and are looking forward to using them this season. Here are some ideas on how you can use our favorite new features for activities this fall.

If there’s an apple orchard in your area, plan an apple picking event with friends and family. If a big group is traveling together, this involves coordinating multiple cars, voting on a meeting place, and picking the right time to go. All of these items can be handled well in a shared document, where people can include details like driving directions, or keep a tally of who will be attending. We suggest using Google docs for this because you can now attach them to everything in Kona. This includes tasks, events, and conversations so you can create the calendar and collaborate around one document.

Group projects are a huge part of school, but getting the group together is never easy. From after-school sports to club meetings, it can be difficult to coordinate around busy schedules. But it is possible when information is shared across all members of the group. The new enhanced notes section allows you to attach notes to an item in Kona. The notes can be used to record group availability and vote on a meeting place. And once the meeting details have been decided, this information can be saved in the notes section for quick reference.

Do you have an iPhone or Android? Do you love using Kona? Do you want access to your Kona wherever you are? If you answered yes to these questions, we think you’ll love the new mobile app. It’s especially good to use it this fall if you have kids and a non-stop schedule. Catch up on Kona while you’re on the sideline of soccer practice, or in between pumpkin carvings in the back yard.
Take a leap this fall and start a new space. Need an   idea? Here are a few places to begin: Halloween party planning, Thanksgiving with friends, or a fall running group. The new Global Add feature helps you to make creating a space, and everything that goes along with it, easier. If you want to add something to the space, like a task or event, you can do so from anywhere in Kona.





We hope you’ve been enjoying the new changes so far. If there is anything you are looking for, let us know! Just submit a feature request to our support center.

We want to hear how you’re using Kona this fall. Comment below to let us know!

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