The Art of Multitasking

December 06, 2013

I recently came across this article on Lifehacker about multitasking phone cases and it made me realize how much more we multitask today than we ever did, before innovative technology gave us the means to do so. Smart phones are a great place to start; think about how much you can do with them! I’ll paint a picture for you: while sitting on the train on your way to work, you plug your headphones in to listen to some high-energy music, send your boss a note about a key proposal you’re working on, all the while dominating a game of Candy Crush. Now that’s what I call multitasking at its finest!

Although part of me believes that having these tools encourages more multitasking, I think the overriding point is that we proved a need for tools that could serve our multiple purposes, as our advanced skills and attention have become so highly demanded. Fortunately, we are discovering that our standards have been met in varying ways. From phone cases that serve as wallets and media stands, to communication tools [like Kona] that allow us to manage both our work and personal lives in one place, we are well equipped to multitask often … and efficiently too.

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In what ways do you multitask? Share your talents in the comments below!


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