Social Collaboration and Kona: Perfect for Those Post-Holiday Activities

December 26, 2012

After the holiday rush is behind us, we often find ourselves looking for things to do. Although the decorating, baking, gift wrapping and partying are done (well, until the New Year’s Eve festivities), there are plenty of fun ways to stay busy after the holidays. For those with kids on holiday vacation, we have some great ideas for you too — and Kona can help!

Host a White Elephant Party: Did you receive a gift this year that you didn’t fall in love with upon first sight? The best way to give it a good home is to re-gift it at a present swap. You can serve drinks, appetizers, play music and set the scene for some fun gift swapping. This is a great way to get together with friends after the holidays.

Update Your Mailing List: Among all the gifts and cards you received this holiday season, there are bound to be some new addresses. From friends and family who moved to a new friend or coworker you received something from this year, you’ll want to add their addresses to your book for the future.

Thank You Notes: The best time to mail out thank you notes and make calls to family and friends is right after the holidays. Set aside some time to do it all in one sitting. Get creative with your cards by using different colored pens and even stickers. Don’t forget the calls; you never know what kind of fun conversations you may have!

Post-Holiday Shopping: There are good reasons to shop after the holidays. If you received gift cards this year, go out and take advantage of the post-holiday sales! If you received a gift that just left much to be desired, exchange it at the store for something you like — or return it for credit. Don’t forget those post-holiday sales, where you can stock up on decorations, collectible ornaments, wrapping paper and even a decorative tree for next year.

Cleaning and Organizing: Before your momentum from the holidays runs out, use it to clean up the house. Pack up the ornaments and decorations into boxes, clean up around the Christmas tree, sort the gifts and tidy up the kitchen from all of the festive cooking and eating that took place. Make sure that the kids are involved in the clean-up process — make it a fun activity with goals and incentives.

Post-Holiday Blues: Unfortunately, it’s common for many people to get a bit sad or depressed when the holidays end. While the days we were looking forward to and planning are now done for 2012, that doesn’t mean the fun ends there. Plan some activities with friends to keep your spirits up — like a potluck dinner, movie night, craft event or gift swap.

Winter Vacation for the Kids: The kids are out of school through the new year, so that means they have lots of free time. Plan activities to keep them happy and occupied. Some of these could include:

  • Playdates with friends
  • Ice skating
  • Sledding trips
  • Snow tubing
  • Beach trips and swimming (if you live in a warmer climate)
  • Slumber parties
  • Movie nights
  • Arts & crafts
  • Baking cookies


No matter what you do during the post-holiday season, you can use Kona to plan it all. Social collaboration is all about people and working together to explore ideas and get things done — together. We suggest creating a Holiday Wrap-Up Space to manage your to-do lists and plan activities with others. Use tasks to stay on top of things like updating your mailing list and sending out thank you cards. Create calendar events and have conversations around them to plan for that White Elephant Party or movie night highlighted above.

Let us know what things you do after the holidays!

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