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March 20, 2013

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see more, do more and manage more with Kona—whether you’re heading a busy project team and company or keeping your family activities on track? You can. With our newest Kona updates, you gain many new capabilities and we’ve also enhanced some of the existing ones. Getting more done with your groups just got easier.

Mobile App Revamp

The Kona community is growing fast and through your feedback we had the chance to rethink the whole mobile experience to make it faster, simpler, and better. From the moment you sign in you will notice the mobile is much snappier, more responsive and all the information you’re looking for is just a swipe away. We hope you enjoy the new changes, look and speed for a more delightful on-the-go experience.

  • Space and People Browsers: Swipe right or left to access the new slide out space and people browsers.
  • Streamlined Add/Edit: The add and edit views have been completely redesigned, making working with Kona information a breeze.
  • Mark Unread: Conversations can now be marked unread making it easy to read later.
  • Improved Search: Searching for information in Kona is now faster and easier.

Recurring Tasks

We’ve got some task-tastic upgrades in this release. With the number of tasks our users are completing in Kona and the productivity levels rising daily, the need for repeat task functionality made it to the top of our Community requests. You can now set recurring tasks for yourself and your groups eliminating the need for multiple task creations. Set it up, save it and see it repeat.

Note: When setting up a group task, you can apply the “recurring” frequency only to those tasks that allow anyone in the group to complete

Kona Recurring Tasks

Task Visibility

We hear from our users all the time that Kona tasks are helping them be more productive individually. So we wanted to add some visibility to help your groups within your spaces achieve more too! In spaces you can now view tasks by task owner to see who’s on what. And on ‘everyone must complete’ group tasks not only will the task owner have the tally of who’s completed it and who hasn’t, but everyone in the group will be able to see the status as well.

People & Space Management

As your Kona groups grow and your projects increase, so do the controls to manage them. You now have the ability to switch viewing options of your people and your spaces from within their management pages. If you want to see the full details just switch on ‘expanded’ mode and if you need to see more groups & spaces on the page, just click ‘compact’ for a custom view.

Kona Space Management

Re-invite Space Members

Turning pending space invitations into space members just got easier. From the people page within your space you can now re-invite all pending members with just one click.

Kona Space Re-invite

Comment Autosave

Have you ever been in mid-sentence of typing a lengthy, yet important comment in a Kona conversation, task, event or file when your mouse accidentally clicks out of it, or something else catches your eye that you need to check on before you officially send your comment? Now in Kona, your comments will be auto-saved. If you click out of the comment’s box, close your browser or sign out of Kona, your comment will still be waiting for you when you return. Just sign back into Kona using the same browser and open the object you were working on to complete and send your thought.

Global Notifications

We’re adding power to our global notifications. Along with being notified of your activity updates, you’ll now receive Kona updates, tips and tricks and important product announcements directly from the Kona team to keep you fully connected and informed.

Check us out daily on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the Kona Blog and continue sharing your feedback, ideas, and suggestions, so we can continue to add new features that you’re looking forward to seeing.

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