Santa’s Personal Message to Keep the Magic Alive!

December 21, 2012

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Portable North Pole, a site where you create a customized video that will be sent to your child from Santa Claus.  The form will ask you for some personal information like their birthday, grade, special toy they are asking for, a photo of them and their town and zip code which are all incorporated to craft a very special message to your child. Santa pulls out his book, opens to their page which shows their photo and says how old they are, what grade they are in and what present they want for Christmas.

There are three scenarios you can choose from: the good list, mostly good, or definitely need some improvement list.  Optionally you can choose to upgrade to a premium message which includes a donation to Children’s Hospital and a phone call to your child from Santa, which is sure to bring some extra excitement and good behavior from your little ones.

We usually go with the basic version and prep this to be received a few days before Christmas when the impending excitement of the holiday tends to get the better of my children and they could use some gentle reminders to behave. I wish the Portable North Pole was around when I was a kid. Just seeing the excitement on my own children’s faces when they watch it makes me think my excitement level leading up to Christmas morning would have been even higher. Receiving a special message from the real Santa would definitely have made it even harder to sleep Christmas Eve. If you’re looking for a new Christmas tradition that will be a big hit with the kids, take a look at the Portable North Pole…just watch my little one’s reaction when seeing Santa’s message.

Wishing you and your family the “merriest” of holidays!

-Lisa Rabideau

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