Profile Photos

March 07, 2012
Share a profile photo for yourself in Kona!  

Photos help team members find you quickly and make it easier to begin a one-on-one chat with you since they can see who they’re talking to. In conversations, your photo appears next to your comments, making the experience nearer to an in-person conversation. Pictures also help you get oriented in your Kona spaces by seeing your team members faces.

Sold on sharing a photo?  Now the big decision is which picture to choose.  Here are a couple of links to help you choose what you want your photo to reflect:

Which best describes you?  The “Where’s Waldo” is my favorite!

Tip:  To update your profile photo, choose the avatar in the top left of Kona (next to your name) and then choose Upload Image. You’re done!  It’s that easy.

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