Deltek’s Kona Social Collaboration Platform Provides the Most Effective Way to Work Remotely

Whether in the Physical or Virtual Office, Employees Can Connect, Organize and Get Things Done Together with Kona

With the “should employees be allowed to work from home” debate stemming from the recent decisions by Yahoo! and Best Buy, corporations are re-evaluating the feasibility and impact of working remotely. For some, telecommuting may not be an option. However, when a corporation is open to having employees work remotely, telecommuting can be a viable option if the proper tools and platforms are in place to create a seamless integration between the traditional and virtual workspaces.

To help make this integration easier, effective and more collaborative, many organizations are turning to Kona — a recently launched, free, cloud-based social collaboration and productivity platform from Deltek. It empowers individuals and groups to privately connect, organize, discuss and get things done together at work, whether in the office or working remotely. Realizing the challenges that distributed teams in many locations may face when trying to get purposeful things accomplished with co-workers, Kona brings all the components of people’s work lives together into one manageable space.

Kona is focused on the needs of both employers and their employees and was designed to empower them to be more productive at work and home. Companies can quickly integrate, set-up and implement Kona with no IT support, so that workers can begin working collaboratively via the platform. In addition, managers are able to see the activities taking place within Kona, which makes workers accountable for their actions. This is particularly relevant to the remote worker debate, where company-wide adoption of online tools is even more important as managers seek to maintain productivity among their team members.

As seen in Gartner’s recent “Nexus of Converging Forces” post, ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD)/mobile, cloud, social and data trends are transforming user behaviors to create new business opportunities. Kona uniquely delivers organization and context to a group’s conversations, collaborative tasks, shared calendars and files. Kona provides one common place for a group so that everyone can access it from anywhere, thus making working remotely more effective.

From the company perspective, teams communicating in one common place through Kona-like solutions provide a repository of what’s happening within a group. This validates both the tangible and intangible aspects of the team — whether they are in an office or working remotely, since it gives the employer peace of mind in knowing and seeing that their teams are working effectively and contributing to customer satisfaction and experiences, organizational goals and bottom line results.

“With 80% of the Kona team working remotely, we definitely understand that telecommuting can be challenging–both for employers and employees. Kona reinforces the effectiveness and productivity of the distributed workforce by delivering the virtual equivalent of an open office environment,” said Scott DeFusco, Deltek’s Vice President of Product Strategy and Management for Kona. “With Kona, remote workers are more connected and have more of a democratic voice on the team. Ideas, knowledge and decisions are more freely shared. It’s organic, rather than forced. People who are typically ‘hidden’ in the organization become team contributors, which raises the overall productivity of the team.”

Workers using Kona are able to address the three most common issues typically associated with telecommuting:

  • Ongoing connection to and interaction with team members, regardless of location or project
  • Ability to aggregate all relevant information — from conversations to files — in one place, with anyone that’s appropriate
  • Keeping the work flow moving forward, whether you’re in transit or just checking-in while away from the (remote or traditional) office via Kona’s mobile apps

Kona is focused on providing employers and employees with the ability to more easily manage activities within the groups across their office and life. Information on Kona is private and secure. Only the people invited into the group can access details and conversations in the space, with additional privacy controls available inside each space.Kona provides a generous space allowance supported by cloud infrastructure, so the documents and files do not need to be saved elsewhere — letting users have the information wherever they go. Kona also provides group tasks, which makes it easier to assign to-do items to individuals or everyone for completion.

Kona has thousands of registered users across the globe, comprised of individuals, business users, non-profit organizations, clubs, groups and teams. Kona eliminates file sharing headaches by integrating directly with Google Docs, Box, Google Drive and Dropbox — as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and Yahoo!, with more enhancements and features in development for the upcoming paid version: the Kona Business Edition (KBE). Kona is also available as a mobile application, compatible with both Android devices and iPhones/iPads through the Apple iOS platform.

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Kona is a cloud-based social collaboration and productivity platform that empowers individuals and groups to connect, organize and get things done at home and at work. People from all demographic backgrounds and walks of life rely on Kona each day to keep abreast of their busy schedules and complete their tasks. Launched in late 2012, Kona has thousands of users and is growing rapidly.

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