What Your Business Can Learn from a Vacuum

I have to admit, I kind of enjoy vacuuming. I take great satisfaction in removing the foulness of the world that is dragged in by unwitting carriers and deposited on my floors. Recently, during one of my less pleasant vacuuming sessions, I got to thinking about how frustrating it is that there are still major […]

From CrackBerry to SlackBerry

A cautionary tale for IT Five years ago, Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, was on top of the world. BlackBerry was the dominant player in the smartphone market and organizations all over the world, from large government agencies to businesses of all sizes, helped BlackBerry to become such a staple in the market […]

User Success Story: Cindy Cates

“I am the VP of Finance and Administration at EDI, Ltd., a leading healthcare IT consulting and design firm specializing in communication technologies, information systems infrastructure, security, audio-visual systems, and data center. As most do at a small firm, I wear many hats. I am essentially responsible for all things administrative at the company. This […]

Upgrade your Mobile App Today!

Our goal is to make your on-the-go Kona experience as productive and enjoyable as possible. We hope you enjoy these mobile enhancements! @ Mention and Important Comments The @ mention and important comment features are great for getting people’s attention and for flagging messages with high priority. You can now do both of these actions […]

Back to School Made Easy

As the nervous parent of a soon-to-be kindergartener, I know I’ve got a lot to put in Kona as my daughter embarks on her school career.  There is so much to do to get her ready for the start of the school year!  I want her to have success and we’ll need to rework our […]

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