No More Post-Its for This Working Mom

June 06, 2012

Jen from Minnesota wrote in to share her Kona experience with us.  If you’re constantly busy and have a lot coming at you, you’ll definitely appreciate her story below (we certainly did). Thanks for sharing with us Jen!

The old way of "organizing"

The old way of “organizing”

Saying my life is busy would be a complete understatement. Swimming in a sea of post-it-notes to keep it all together wouldn’t be.  Like most working moms, I wonder on a daily basis what I am forgetting, even when all my reminders are in place. For one, my email is a ridiculous mess, full of things I’m never going to find again. I receive so many daily that I immediately file them away to “feel” like I’m being organized. But just because I “safely” store these emails doesn’t mean I know where I put them, or even what they are about in hopes to rediscover and reply to them. I’ll admit it—I’m overwhelmed. But I was sure of one thing: there had to be a better way to do it all.

When my brother introduced me to Kona, I eagerly set up an account to see if this was the answer I was looking for. I quickly realized that with Kona, I could do what I was already doing daily, and I didn’t even need to learn a new technology (which I don’t have time for).  I started using Kona right away for my church’s Vacation Bible School program. I am able to share tasks and documents for the program in one place and update them in real-time, keeping everything current (a word I haven’t used in a while). I used to spend time sifting through piles of paper and sticky notes to prepare. Now that I can access everything using the Kona mobile app on my phone, there’s no more lugging around a heavy bag of papers, sticky notes and email printouts. It’s just my purse and me.

The Baseball Shuffle

I’ve got four kids and three of them are on different baseball and softball teams.  It is a coordinating nightmare for my husband and I to be in the right place at the right time with the right kid at the right field. And now that I’ve added my parents to the space, it’s even more important that I get things right because grandma and grandpa love to stop by unannounced to see a game. Last week I didn’t have it right; I was sending my husband and son to the wrong field. Just as we were heading out the door, my Kona daily planner arrived and we were able to course correct in time. Without Kona, this would have been a true disaster with one disappointed baseball player!

Thanks Kona!

Jen & Crew – Minnesota

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