New Features Make Using Kona Even Easier

March 29, 2012

This new release was focused on connecting your social networks to Kona and other top usability requests.  See below for the highlights and then log in or sign up to check it out.

Use your existing social networks with Kona  

Now you can log in to Kona with your Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, or Gmail account.  What’s more, you can then invite others in your networks into Kona spaces without having to enter email addresses.

  • First step – Go in to your Profile/Account Settings and add all the email accounts you use across these networks.
  • Second step – Log out of Kona and then back in again.  This time you can choose one of your other networks (Facebook, Gmail, or Yahoo).
  • Now you have access to all your connections in these networks when inviting others to a space!

More new features make using Kona even easier

We’ve been listening to Kona user feedback during the Kona beta and it’s truly pushing us forward. Here is a long list of new features:

  • All done leading a space and ready to pass the torch on?  Now as the owner you can leave a space and designate the new leader.
  • Stay on top of your day with your Kona daily planner.  Kona will send you an email digest of all your engagements, tasks, and reminders to see what is going on at a glance.
  • Need to hang on to a file that you received in email?  Just forward the email with the attachment to  The task will be added to your “Just for Me” space with the attachment and it will also be available in your Files.
  • Did you hit return too quickly on that comment?  No worries!  Use the new edit last comment feature (pencil icon) to correct it or the X to delete it.
  • Kona will play a sound to let you know when new notifications come in.  You can turn this on in your profile.

We’ve expanded the Kona Tour

Now the tour walks you through an in-product tour, helping you understand how to get the most out of Kona. You can reference the tour by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner and selecting “Kona Tour”.

We want your feedback

Enjoy this latest update, and keep your eyes peeled!  The next time you hear from us we’ll be talking about the most exciting improvements to Kona yet.  Keep exploring and get ready.

Until then, stay in touch via the Kona Blog and, as always, keep your feedback coming!

– The Kona Team


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