Meeting Our Goals for 2013, Together … With Social Collaboration

December 28, 2012

2013 is just around the corner, which means it’s time to explore and embrace new projects and goals. After figuring out what to focus on, the next question is always, “How do I stick to my New Year’s resolutions?” Here are some tips and tricks for success from the Kona team, whether you are working to achieve an individual goal or possibilities with others.

Many times, a resolution is simply something that we aren’t accustomed to doing but want to do. According to The Wall Street Journal columnist Sue Shellenbarger, all a resolution really takes is conditioning yourself to new behaviors. It is not just willpower, but a focus on the behavioral changes that are needed to accomplish the goal. “How do I do this?” Try focusing on the emotional rewards of achieving your goal.

The first step: make your decision. There are countless ideas to consider for a resolution. The key is to make them as specific as possible. You can focus on one goal … or several. You can work on your own, with a support team or with a bunch of people on a group-oriented goal for work, volunteer organizations or family. Just make sure to only take on as much as you think you or the group can handle. Here are some suggestions:

  • Read more: set a goal, like reading a new book each month.
  • Get fit: set a specific goal, like weight lifting, weight loss goal, running distance, etc.
  • Learn to cook: challenge yourself to prepare something new each week.
  • Be more productive: start small, with something as simple as finishing a task on time.
  • Quit a bad habit: we all have them, so it’s the perfect time to kick those bad habits.
  • Learn a new skill: we should learn throughout our life. Figure out some possibilities for new skills that you’d like to explore, personally and/or professionally.
  • Help others: becoming a volunteer, making a charitable donation and teaching others are great ways to enhance your own efforts in the new year.
  • Start a business: this is one of the most common resolutions. Small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of the economy, employing the majority of the workforce. Starting a new business can make a big impact on your life — and others. Good luck — and don’t forget that Kona is perfect for all of you budding entrepreneurs!
  • Connect more with family and friends: staying in touch with those we care about is always a good goal.

The second step: write it down. Once you’ve made your decision, it’s important to document your goal(s). This not only makes it more tangible and official, but the visual component serves as a motivation and encouragement.

We suggest creating tasks in Kona to plan your resolutions. If you’re focused on an individual goal, you can add tasks to the Just for Me space. You can even create a separate space to keep your goal focused, then invite family and friends to the space to support you. If you’re working on a group-oriented resolution, a space for the team to work together and succeed makes sense too. Don’t forget to include your tasks on your Kona calendar — it will become your personal or group to-do list.

Kona works for any kind of resolution, with focuses on individual success, group endeavors and task management. It’s the perfect place to visualize your progress.

The final step: get ready, get set and full speed ahead! The best way to approach your goals is with full speed and determination. Set out to succeed and surround yourself with people that will support your efforts. It’s a good idea to plan for setbacks, so you are always prepared.

2013 will be another year of transformation, as we transition from mere social consumption (Facebook posts, Twitter updates, etc) to social collaboration BETWEEN actual people for many purposes. According to Charlene Li—co-author of the bestseller “Groundswell,” author of the New York Times bestseller “Open Leadership” and Founder of Altimeter Group, collaboration drives value by enhancing the ways that people interact:

  • Encourages sharing
  • Captures knowledge
  • Enables action
  • Empowers people

Enhancing collaboration is something that can benefit all parts of life — from professional targets to personal goals. Whatever your plans are in 2013, Kona will be there to reinforce how you get connected, get organized and get things done … together. Keep us updated on your goals and milestones. We’ll be highlighting some of our own activities with #Kona2013, so keep an eye out.

Happy New Year from the Kona team!

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