Making Your Experience Even More Delightful

April 30, 2013

Here at Kona we are continuously focused on making your experience as delightful as can be. For this update we have some exciting features for you that bring ease to signing in and interacting with the important items in your life.

Kona in the Chrome Web Store

Kona is now listed in the Chrome Web Store. Through this listing you have the option of adding the Kona icon to your Google Chrome browser, so each time you open up a new tab it’s easier and faster for you to navigate to Kona. You can also choose to install the Kona notifier, which will provide you with real-time pop-ups when new comments are made in Kona. Visit the Chrome Web Store today to download the free Kona icon and install the Kona notifier.

Re-Size Your Item Window

When you click on a task, event, conversation, or file, Kona opens a pop-up window with the details of the item. You can now move and resize this window with ease to make way for other things on your screen. Just click your mouse anywhere in the white border around the details, then drag and drop to the desired location. To resize the window, hover your mouse over the white border until you see it change to arrows. Then simply drag the corners to change the height and width. The new location and size that you choose will appear the next time you open up a pop-up window.

Your feedback is important to us as we work to create features that everyone will enjoy, so please continue to share your ideas with us.

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