LinkedIn Groups Remove Polls, Does Anyone Care?

April 16, 2014

In a recent update, LinkedIn decided to remove the polling feature in their groups.

You can see the announcement here.  What I am trying to figure out is does anyone really care?  Now I am in the software biz, so I totally understand that their development teams have to make some tough decisions.  If we have to invest time maintaining feature X, then we don’t have resources to build cool new feature Y.  But I have to say, I like polls and I am going to miss them.  If you needed to ask the grop a questions and need to quantify the results, polls are the way to go.  “Hey, we are trying to decide the location of next years conference, should we go to Vegas, Orlando, Toronto or San Fran?”  Polls were perfect for people to chime in and for group leaders to quickly get answers.  Now we have to go back to comments and I can tell you, I am not counting how many “Vegas” comments people placed in the thread to make a decision.

So I will miss polls, I love polls and I use polls all the time.  I guess I better make sure our dev team keep polls in Kona.  So anyone else going to miss polls in LinkedIn, would be curious to see what others have to say in the comments below.

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