Kona Unveils the Expanded Search and Space Gallery

March 04, 2013

Kona is becoming the destination for sharing and storing information, collaborating with others, and managing the many areas of professional and personal life. Our team has been diligently working on a variety of new features and we’re excited to unveil them right now.

New and Improved Search

We’ve improved Kona’s search feature. You can now search by keywords for specific comments across all of your Kona spaces, within specific spaces or even within conversations.

Space Gallery

Kona has no limit to the number of spaces you can create and we’re proud to announce the Space Gallery. Browse through a collection of templates that we’ve created for you to download, pre-populated with conversations, tasks, events, files and notes. We’ve taken care of the prep work; you now have the tools to accomplish your goals. To select from the sample spaces, click the Space Gallery at the bottom of the Add Space page. We will continue to add to this, providing more spaces to choose from for the projects and activities in your life.

Kona Business Edition

We are also excited to announce that the Kona Business Edition will be released in the next few months! This great package will offer new features, including (but not limited to):

  • Account control
  • A company-wide space that is private to those in your account
  • Custom and standard integrations between Kona and other products
  • A Kona chat feature

The business edition will also offer account-specific space galleries, allowing you and your teams to create space templates for repeatable projects. If you remain as one of the thousands of free users, we will continue to release amazing capabilities for you also—including:

  • Brand new mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices
  • The Kona Marketplace, which will offer expert-sponsored templates in a variety of areas, both for free and for purchase

Please continue to share your feedback, ideas and suggestions, so we can continue to add new features that you’re looking forward to seeing for the Kona Community.

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