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October 03, 2012
We released a new set of features last week in Kona that have generated a lot of oohs and aahs from our Community. If you haven’t taken these new features for a test ride yet, we’re confident after you read this you will be oohing and aahing too. Oh, and we couldn’t do it without our community, so please keep those suggestions and wish lists coming.

People groupsAccelerate efficiency by grouping the people you work with most often together.  A lot of teams have groups or subsets of the total team that take on tasks together or have a common need to communicate and share files amongst each other.

  • Now space owners can create groups within a space rather than having to individually select people each time something is created.
  • Newly added people will now have access to all previous data and group communication.
  • Add new groups and change who is in them anytime you want.


Find someone quicker

The people in your My Kona view are now listed in alphabetical order.  Use the search to quickly find and connect with someone in your Kona network.  You can also access a new People page by clicking on the word…you guessed it…People.

Find Someone


Follow / Unfollow 

Use the Follow feature to stay in the loop on conversation updates for tasks.  This allows you to opt-in while keeping your My Kona task list limited to just things you need to do while remaining up to date on the activity around it.

Follow Unfollow Follow Unfollow


Get to what you’re “on” quicker with My Tasks!

Quickly see what you are responsible for inside a space using My Tasks.  This filters out public tasks so you can get a clear view of to-dos you need to get done.

Just My Tasks









See the When of the What

Events in your conversation stream now include the date and time, giving your schedule more visibility.

What of When



Take your notes with you anywhere

Are you a visual person, or like having important notes in hand at a moments notice? Notes now include a Print option so you take that important information you’ve captured along with you or have it close by where you can easily grab and go.



Share multiple files as part of a conversation or within a space

One of the biggest requests from users was the ability to upload multiple files at one time to increase productivity and reduce the number of clicks.

Multiple files


Easier on-boarding for the people you invite

New users will now experience an updated tour around Kona to help them get started and get a quick view of the ins and outs of what Kona can do.  Existing users can access this new tour at any time by clicking on the ? menu inside of Kona.  New users will also get to experience a sample space and try out some of Kona’s functions before creating their very own.  We’ve included notes and information to help them learn the ropes with confidence.

Easier Onboarding

Still unsure of how far Kona can extend across your work and personal lives?  Check out our newest Kona video to see how we’re helping people get things done in a variety of ways.  We hope it inspires you and opens up even more possibilities for you and the groups in your life!



Until next time Kona Community,

Allison M. Community Manager


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