Kona Gets a New User Interface — And Much More

May 21, 2012

It’s here — the next big step for Kona!

MyKona Screenshot

We’ve heard that Kona users love the organized conversations within their groups. So, we’ve completely reworked the user interface with that in mind. While you will notice a new look and feel, everything is still there.

However, you may not be “UPLOADING” files much anymore! One of the coolest enhancements is the integration with Google Docs. Now you can easily organize, create, share and edit Google Docs with people in your Kona spaces — right in your browser.

While we are still in a beta period, we’re continuing to make progress. In a few weeks, our mobile app will be available for everyone. Soon, we’ll be posting more content to this blog about what Kona can do for you and your groups. You can catch an early glimpse on our new website at www.Kona.com

Release Highlights:

  • The My Kona Conversations tab is now THE PLACE to see what is going on across all your spaces.

    The My Kona Conversations tab is now THE PLACE to see what is going on across all your spaces. You’ll see conversations, invitations to events, a task someone just finished, or a link someone shared with you — all updated in real-time.

  • View your conversations list in expanded form to show the last three comments of each conversation. This is convenient when you need to see a little more context.
  • Google Docs can now be organized and talked about within Kona so it’s easy for your group to create, edit, and track revisions to documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

  • All comments can now be edited after posting. Especially nice when auto-correct “fixes” a typo. Comments also can be formatted and can contain embedded links to web content you are trying to share.
  • Uploaded images and files are elegantly styled within conversations.
  • Inviting people to spaces has been completely streamlined so it’s easier to get your group working together.
  • You can access your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn networks and connect with people in Kona without knowing someone’s current email address.

We hope you enjoy this update. Log in now and please let us know what you think! Here are a few places we can connect:

Thanks for using Kona.

The Kona Team

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