Kona Comes Out

October 24, 2012

After a whirlwind year of architecting, re-architecting, de-bugging and updating, the Kona team couldn’t be more excited to announce that we are now officially out of Beta! So what does that mean for you? That means you can start getting things done more efficiently and effectively at home and at work. For all of you Beta users who have stuck around through all the changes, and the new users signing up daily, we’re going back to basics with a refresher on all things Kona. First – we invite you to check out this short YouTube video: Getting things done across your life with Kona.


What is Kona?

Kona is a free digital platform that provides a place for people to stay connected and get things done with other people across all aspects of their lives.  It’s the only social collaboration tool that can bring all of the components of people’s busy lives together into one manageable space, suitable for use in the boardroom, living room and community hall. Built to help alleviate frustrations with email, social networking, etc when trying to get things done, Kona is a solution that bridges this need in both work and personal scenarios.


What Can You Do With Kona?

Kona brings organization and context to a group’s conversations, collaborative tasks, shared calendar, and files.  Kona’s Beta users have cited using the platform to:

  • Engage with co-workers on projects, especially  when the team is dispersed
  • Plan their wedding or organize multi-family vacations through the ‘conversation’ , ‘task’ and file sharing features
  • Plan and execute marketing events for their business
  • Apply the calendar function to manage their family calendar, children’s sports teams, and after school activities
  • Use the ‘task’ feature as a personal to-do list for responsibilities across many workspaces and a “virtual white board” of issues for a team to solve within a specific space
  • Keeping synched on decisions and progress with a spouse, realtor, builder or banker while building or remodeling a house


Not Enough? Here Are The Nitty Gritty Details

Information on Kona is private and secure.  Only the people invited into a group can access information and conversations, and further privacy levels are available inside of each space. A generous space allowance supported by cloud infrastructure means that documents do not need to be saved to a file hosted on the server or computer hard-drive, letting users have the information wherever they go. Kona is integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Doc and Yahoo!, and is available as a mobile application, compatible with both Android and IOS.


And one very important reminder – Kona will remain FREE even though we have moved out of Beta.

The best way to learn about Kona is to try it out for yourself! Sign up for free at www.kona.com, and of course stay tuned here for updates and case studies. For media inquiries please contact Racepoint Group at Kona@Racepointgroup.com.

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