Kona Business is Here!

July 30, 2013

Thousands of groups, organizations and businesses rely on the FREE version of Kona every day. Today we are thrilled to announce a premium offering called Kona Business, specifically aimed at the needs of organizations who are ready to bring the benefits of social collaboration to all of their employees, customers and partners.

After running a thorough and successful early adopter program over the last few months, Kona Business is now ready for you. You can get started right from our storefront. Here are the key reasons companies are deciding to buy:

Company control of Kona spaces– Without a Kona Business account, employees own the data in a space they create.  Your company is not in control.  If the employee leaves the company, so too does your data.

Unlimited external collaborators– You only buy Kona Business subscriptions for your employees; however, you can then invite as many “guest” collaborators as you need into the spaces that are owned by your account. This can include customers, vendors, sub-contracts and more … whoever you need in your project space.

Consistent projects and processes- Kona Business allows you to create template spaces that you can publish and make available to your employees. These are pre-populated spaces that contain all the tribal knowledge your company has embedded as files, forms, and notes in the form of tasks, discussion topics, and calendar events. Easily select the template and invite the people that will embark on the project at hand. These individuals quickly know where to put their focus as soon as they join the space.

Private social network– When you purchase a Kona Business account for your business or organization, a private network space is automatically created. Only the members of your account can be space members, thus serving as a private social network for your company. You can personalize the space with a unique name and image.

Faster decision making- As part of Kona Business you can create conversation polls, which allow you to track votes and discussion around important decisions all in one place. You can select to make the poll open or anonymous, depending on your needs and preferences. Polls ultimately drive better, faster, and more collaborative decision making for a team.

Fewer meetings– Instead of having project status meetings, which primarily consist of rehashing past issues and decisions, you can utilize tags to prioritize active tasks and discussions. Create “low” and “high” priority tags and assign them accordingly, to move decisions and issues in real-time as developments occur. This eliminates the need to organize and host meetings, which usually result in low attendance anyways.

Administration of company users– Account admins have control over the users in their account. This includes the ability to add and remove users, and download admin reports to track user activity in the account spaces.

Kona platform– Kona Business contains a powerful platform. This encompasses APIs and the Kona Widget, which allows organizations to easily integrate with existing applications and customize workflows for their business.

Explore Kona Business and upgrade the opportunities for your business or organization today. You can also connect with the Kona community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear your feedback, ideas and success stories.

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