Kona Across My Life

May 30, 2012

Hi, I am Lisa Rabideau, I lead the User Community Team here at Kona.  So naturally I use Kona at work to get things done with my team and the user groups I am involved in.  On prior projects I would spend a lot of time in email scheduling interviews, answering impromptu questions or reading feedback notes from a user.  I was connecting with the users but always in a 1:1, the users were never connecting with each other.  Now when a user asks a question I may not be the one to answer, often others in the group are chiming in with a response or “me too” before I have a chance to reply.  Kona has really changed this into a vibrant user community.

In addition to using Kona for everything I have going on here at work with the Kona team, I also use it to sync on the homefront with my husband Steve.  As working parents with two elementary school children, like many, we have a lot to juggle. Our kids have swim lessons, baseball, soccer and cub scouts going on right now, then throw in a week when I travel, and it’s a game of who’s on first with text messaging, notes, and phone calls to keep up with it all.

My Kona Calendar

The Kona Calendar has let me bring our home life all together, including pulling in other calendars like the volunteer schedule for my son’s kindergarten class, the soccer team practices (which I coach) and the all-important Red Sox game schedule for Steve.  Kona has officially become the Rabideau Family Planner.

Previously, some of the events would have been in Steve’s calendar, but not mine and vise versa.  By creating a Kids & Home space, we have also eliminated the random to – do lists which I start and then never remember where I put them. This is where we coordinate on things like planning birthday parties, coverage for no school days and tasks around the house.  Kona has provided us with an easy way to divide and conquer what needs to get done all in one place.

Kids and Home Space To Do’s

Kona has been working so well we’re going to use it this summer to coordinate with my niece Abby, who will be nannying for our two boys.  I’ve already begun to fill up the Kids & Home space with things to keep them occupied during their school break: signing up for the summer reading program at the Library, Baseball camp, list of possible playdate friends for the boys, lunchtime meal ideas and links to fun things to do in the area.  Now all I need to do is invite Abby to Kids & Home space on Kona.  Since we are already facebook friends, I do not even need to find her email address to get her connected. Abby will not have to think for more than a second on how to connect with us if she needs something – she will always have quick access to Steve and me in our Kona space.  No more whose phone to call, which number to text or what was that email address to get in touch with Steve at work.

The fact that Steve  is on an iPhone and I’m on an Android makes this even easier. Kona mobile allows us to keep coordinating even while we’re on the go. We have virtually eliminated the ‘misfires’ that come from being out of sync with the kids’ activities and neglecting to keep each other informed of our personal, work and outside commitments.  This summer will be much more relaxed since Abby has an iPhone too and will have all the day’s events on her phone. No more daily notes from me on the schedule for the day, or stuff that needs to go in their bags – it’s all in Kona. Kona brings together my calendar, things that need to get done and the people I am involved with which keeps me productive, organized and connected in the things I do at work, home or anywhere.  Try it out now with one of your work teams or social clubs.

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