Jealousy Arises Towards Remote Workers

October 11, 2013

Deltek recently ran a survey asking employees world-wide about their feelings towards telecommuting. The results? A striking 57 percent say they are jealous of colleagues who have the option to work remotely. The key to understanding this finding is to take a look at the reasons that telecommuting is so desirable (for some). What it boils down to are advances in technology that make remote communication so much easier and so much more enjoyable, ultimately leading to an increase in remote collaboration.

One of our own remote team members, Jeff Eckerle, was asked how he feels about the opportunity. He believes that telecommuting is a benefit of certain kinds of jobs rather than a performance reward. “Some people just have positions that require them to be in an office. They need to be there to do their job,” Eckerle says. “Telecommuting isn’t about, ‘Well, you deserve it, and you don’t.’ It’s really a function of what you do.”

Where do you stand? — If you’re a telecommuter, do you enjoy it? If you work from the office, do you wish you could work from home? Let us know in the comments!

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