Give the “Gyft” that Keeps on Giving

December 04, 2012

The gifting season is here and if you’re anything like me, the stress has started and the extra strands of hair are beginning to fall like snow. I started by making my list of gift recipients (in Kona of course), then went through the list looking for the no-brainers and slam-dunks. Each year that set of my list gets smaller and smaller. My family is spread all over the country and we are all identical when it comes to “things.” If there is something we want or need, we work very hard to make sure we have it. That means when Christmas time rolls around, there is nothing left that would make each of us jump up and down on Christmas morn’ saying, “wow, this is just what I needed” when we open it.

So each year, I look at my list, rub my head and start Googling top gift ideas for inspiration. “There must be something they need, they just don’t know they need it yet.” 

My parents are now upping the challenge by making one Christmas gifting demand; “Don’t buy us things.” In their Golden Years, they are looking to become more mobile, meaning they can pick up and travel anytime, anywhere they’d like. So none of us are allowed to buy them anything in the physical form or it will just end up in their next yard sale. And since they are on diets, that means no Edible Arrangements, Hickory Farm baskets or our favorite fresh fudge.

So what do you give? You give the “gyft” that keeps on giving. The gyft app is my 2012 personal Santa. If you haven’t heard of gyft, it’s an iPhone app that allows you to buy, store and share your plastic gift cards; eliminating the back pain that comes from carrying all of these cards with you. To this day, I must have 10 cards with varying balances spread out in all of my different bags. Where are they when I need them? Well, they never seem to be with me.

Kona's Choice for Gifting App

This app has over 300 retailers you can purchase gift cards from and then send electronically with a personalized message to your recipients. You can sync your Facebook and phone contacts to gyft, making it that much easier to send by email, text or Facebook. I have already uploaded all of my current cards and filed the physical ones away in a drawer. And the best part is that 200 of the 300 retailers have deep integration with gyft, meaning your balance is included on the gift card screen and updated immediately after each purchase scan.

If this isn’t enough to peak your interest, they also allow you to re-gyft your cards. That’s right. If you’re low on cash but want to get your favorite Auntie something, select a card from your card list and hit “gyft it.” You can now give the gift card to your loved one. This is also great if you receive a card or two that you know you will NEVER use. Now it won’t go to waste since you’ve gyfted it to someone who can use and love it!

Kona's Choice for Gifting

And if you are a fan of Passbook, then you are in luck; gyft works with Passbook. Just click Add to Passport to make your card available in that app too. After the holidays, they will be releasing new functionality that will allow you to sell and trade gift cards too. So this app definitely gets two thumbs up from this Kona girl!

My shopping is now done and I have abided by all my family gifting demands. My parents will just have to download the app and their card will be digital. No physical thing to be sold for a quarter at their next yard sale! Each family member will have $$ to spend where they’d like to and when they’d like to, and I don’t have to worry about missing packages or buying more holiday stamps. With the addition of organizing my list in Kona and also getting some gyft card ideas from family members in my Kona conversations, I now have no more last-minute shopping to do!


For those of you taking the Kona Holiday Challenges, I suggest adding your winning cards to the gyft app if you have an iPhone.


Happy Holidays Kona Community!

Allison – Community Manager



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