Gift Ideas for the Important People in Your Life

December 11, 2012

Each holiday season we find ourselves knee-deep in gift-giving. From friends to family to neighbors to colleagues -the list goes on- it’s difficult to not only manage all the gifts, but also make sure each one will be enjoyed. At Kona, we understand how far your busy life extends and that there are many people you want to treat this holiday season. We want to help you get it all done using Kona, so we have some gift ideas and organizational tips to share.

Give some thanks and holiday cheer to the teachers in your lives with something they will appreciate. Before shopping, make sure to check the local rules for giving to teachers. There are a variety of things you can give:

  • Gift card ranging from $10-25 in value, to a bookstore, craft store, restaurant, coffee shop, or online store (like Amazon).
  • Homemade goodies- bake cookies, brownies, or fudge with some holiday “sweetness.”
  • Something wintry, like a scarf or mittens.
  • Make a personal donation in the teacher’s name.
  • Contribute to a class gift, or charitable donation.

Caregivers and babysitters, like teachers, are important in our lives because they take good care of our children day after day. Make sure to “treat” them well this holiday season. Here are some suggestions:

  • Give a cash tip and include a handwritten thank you note from your child or children.
  • A holiday mug filled with hot cocoa mix, and add in a handwritten thank you note.
  • Gift card of $25 or less, to a mall, coffee shop, iTunes store, or bookstore.
  • Prepare a batch of fudge or cookies and gift it in a nice reusable container.

Your mail carrier brings things safely to your door…now it’s time to bring something nice to them.

  • Pick out a gift card of $20 or less that they will enjoy. By law, mail carriers cannot receive cash.
  • Create a fleece scarf to keep them warm in the winter.
  • Bake fudge brownies.

Give back to a sports coach; they deserve to have fun both on and off the field. Here are some winning ideas for an individual’s gift:

  • A framed picture of the team.
  • Tote or duffle bag. You can even personalize it with their initials or name.
  • Sports tie for a guy, jewelry for a gal.
  • Memorabilia from their favorite sports team.

Ideas that the team can give:

  • Photo album or scrapbook from the season.
  • Gift basket filled with things the coach can use at practices.
  • Tickets to a game or concert.

These are just a few of the important people in your life that you might be giving to this year. To manage all the gifts you’ll be buying, making or baking, we suggest using Kona! You can do so in different ways; pick the one that works best for you!

Create tasks for each of the people you’ll be giving to. If it’s a group gift, assign the task to everyone, like all the parents from the soccer team. Create a space for this purpose if the group isn’t already connected together. You can post links to ideas and pictures of finished products in the comments of a task, or create a brainstorm in the notes section. This allows for easy tracking of ideas, whether working on your own or with others.


And if there are multiple people within the same grouping on your list, create a task list to manage them in one place.

Good luck with your gift giving! Let us know how it’s going- we’d love to hear.

Happy Holidays Kona Community!

-Katie Levenstein

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