Get Your Team Up and Running on Kona

July 17, 2013

Whenever you roll out a new tool to your employees or group members, the collective rolling of the eyes is practically audible.  It can be really difficult to show the benefits and get momentum on the tool, and all too often use dies off.  We want to help you avoid that outcome by lying out a strategy to get your team up and running based on successful teams we’ve seen.

1) Support from the top: This is crucial.  Even if the top people aren’t actually in charge of the rollout, they need to be talking about it positively and continuously.  It’s even better if they are running a space on Kona because people will be more likely to use it.

For example, if the project manager or baseball coach is the one who sets up the space and puts all the important dates, tasks, and files out on Kona and nowhere else, the team members will use Kona out of necessity.  Once over that initial hump of using a new tool, they will start to use Kona for their own spaces.

2) Identify early adopters: In a business environment, this may mean a smaller initial rollout before getting the entire organization on board.  In a personal group, it means identifying who is comfortable with online or mobile technology, or who has a big personality that will jump in and contribute.

3) Educate the team, solicit participation and feedback: Even a website as easy-to-use as Kona requires some level of education for your group when they’re new.  A quick demo of Kona, what it offers, and how your group is going to use it can go a long way.  At this time, you can also solicit their feedback on how the space will be run and incorporate it.  We also have some great videos, including several exclusive to Kona Business members, that can help your team get up to speed on their own time.  Click here for example space guidelines to use and adapt for your own spaces, and additional tips and tricks for success.

4) Stay the course: It’s natural that humans are resistant to change so instead of logging in to Kona, they will continue to email or call you.  This is when you could get a tape recording of yourself saying, “It’s in Kona.”  Whenever you receive these questions that could easily be resolved by checking Kona, make sure to send the person a link to the answer in Kona (with a nice response of course).  Next time, they’ll just check Kona and it will start to become a habit.  Before you know it, your team will have Kona up all day.

The other part of staying the course is making Kona the place to go for all the information your team needs.  If you continue to provide the files and event dates through other means, they will not see the value in Kona.  Lead by example to make Kona the central repository and point your team members to Kona.  They will get familiar with it and incorporate it into their processes.

5) Reap the benefits!: After following the steps above to orient your team to Kona and maintain their usage, you can then sit back and enjoy the results.  You’ll have successful social business and collaboration thriving in your work and personal spaces.

Share your stories of getting a team up and running on a new tool.  What worked and what didn’t?


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