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June 04, 2012

Is Kona right for your group?
Tired of email overload, endless threads that sometimes spawn into multiple streams where you need to pick out the one important nugget you need to enter on your calendar or to-do list?   Does your group need a shared calendar that people can easily access on their smartphones?  Have you ever wanted to breakout a discussion with a smaller subset of the group or chat quickly with just one person? Are you trying to accomplish something around a common goal that feels like a project and involves tasks?  Do the people in your group share files and then collaborate around them?

If you can relate to some or all of the above you should give this a try with your group.  The real improvement opportunity of moving your group into Kona is having a common place where everyone has access to the most relevant information including each other.  Communication happens in the context of a calendar event, shared file, task or discussion topic. No more saved email threads or remembering if you have already responded to them– it’s all in your group’s space.  That is the real power of Kona for a group.

Liam's work group for Company Rebranding

Liam started a work group

Ready to get started, it’s as easy as 1-2-3

1. Create a Space for your group. Name it and choose a cool space image of your own or from the Kona Library that reflects your group’s personality.
2. Next, fill your space with some interesting finds for your group.
Update the calendar with important dates that are coming up, enter tasks you need to accomplish and share url links or documents in the files section.
3. Finally, invite the people you need to be part of this space using their email, facebook, linkedin or contact list.

Roll out the welcome wagon
Make everyone feel at home regardless of their technical savviness by sharing a few quick tips with them.  Remind them they have control over how they communicate within Kona. By default, they will receive daily digests of all conversations happening in the group, but can change that to hourly, allowing for a quicker update and response time. Share a video or two with them to see Kona in action: Martha using Kona with her group or I’m in Kona, Now What? (this includes updating those notification preferences too). Then share one last important reminder: they can respond to conversations by just replying to the digest email. Their response goes instantly to the group conversation in Kona for everyone to see.  This keeps everyone in the loop regardless of where they are.  Be sure to have them keep an eye out for the soon to be released mobile app and download that too!

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