Enhancing Recurring Tasks

April 09, 2013

We understand how important the tasks in your lives are, so we are continuously working to provide you with ways to manage them all, from personal action-items to repeatable group projects. In our last update we introduced recurring tasks, which many of us were eagerly anticipating. Today we are thrilled to announce two enhancements to recurring tasks: recurring group tasks and reminders for recurring tasks. We hope you enjoy using these great new features!

Group Tasks

In addition to making tasks that anyone can complete recur, you can also make group tasks that everyone must complete recur. The notes and files that you attach to the first occurrence of the series will carry into the following tasks. You can add additional notes and files to a task in the series and you will be prompted to select whether the change applies to just that occurrence or all the following tasks in the series. Once you mark a task in the series complete, the next one appears in your task list, even if the whole group hasn’t completed the task yet. This helps you track your individual progress and responsibility on the task as a whole.

Task Reminders

Like one-time tasks, you can now add reminders to recurring tasks. Create an email or pop-up reminder for your important recurring to-do’s, like taking the trash out or submitting your timesheet. You can create multiple reminders of both types for one task, in case you need some extra reminding. The reminder(s) that you set for the task upon creation will apply to all the tasks in the series. You can change the type and frequency of the reminder(s) later on and you will be prompted to choose whether the change applies to just that task or all following it.

These feature updates were largely inspired by members of the Kona community, so please continue to share your feedback, ideas and suggestions with us.

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