Diva Dash

July 11, 2012

Meredith is on a team with roughly 40 women who will be competing in a Diva Dash race. Kona has helped her to bring the team together, organize group training, and plan some fun at the finish line. Thanks for writing in, Meredith!

I may be facing a number of obstacles this summer, but Kona makes conquering these battles easy and fun in so many ways. In April I learned about Diva Dash, a 5k obstacle course designed specifically for women. I decided to start my own team with just a few people, but as the team started to grow, I realized that Kona would be a good fit for the group. I had previously been emailing everyone, but Kona makes it so much easier to have pointed discussions and respond to everyone. In email, I had to manage multiple conversations inside a single thread where people would not always reply all.

With Kona, coordinating the lives of so many women is no longer an obstacle. I love how it compiles all ongoing conversations into one place. When new members join, I send them invites to the space and direct them to the current conversations to get updated with what’s going on. The really nice thing about Kona is that we don’t all have to be in the same place to weigh in on a decision. People can tap in virtually and give their opinion, even if it’s ten at night. The calendar also keeps us all up to date with group tasks and weekly gatherings. We have a recurring run scheduled for Saturday mornings where a group of us meet up and run.

Diva Dash calendar

We’ve discussed different things so far, like training strategies. There are a few personal trainers on the team who share tips with the group, and it’s fun to talk about each of our favorite running apps. The discussion surrounding a team name was really interesting because some of us don’t know each other. But when you have a technology like this to use to express your opinions, people are more open about what they like and don’t like.

Logo provided by team member Marile Borden www.metalcreative.com

It seemed fairly easy to come up with a name: it needed to be light (since we are not all competitive), it couldn’t exclude the women who aren’t mothers, and it had to have the word wine in it because—have to admit—we’re in it for the fun and the lure of the wine tent at the end of the race. Thanks to Kona, we have come to decisions on the color and style of our shirts, and team name “Where’s the Wine Tent?”

Thanks Kona!

Meredith and the ladies- Massachusetts


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