Deltek Employee Shares Kona Successes

July 12, 2012

We spent some time interviewing Bret, an employee at Deltek, who is using Kona to manage both work and personal projects in his life. It was great to hear that he can balance his work tasks on top of doing a remodeling project at home and planning an anniversary event. Thanks for talking with us, Bret!

Q: How are you using Kona?
A: At work I’m involved in four product/project-specific spaces and several other general work spaces to focus on such things as marketing and team collaboration. The teams are unique and committed to working together in Kona. Right now I spend most of my time in Kona working in the Everest (Vision Navigator) Space, one of the four Deltek product/project spaces I’m a part of. I feel that the use of the Kona space has made us more efficient. The space offers us equal visibility into documents and an opportunity for everyone to chime in on and learn from discussions.

Q: What has Kona done for your team?
A: One of the best things that Kona has done for our team is taken us out of email. Getting to that point was actually an interesting experience for me. Instead of replying to messages received in email, I brought the conversations into Kona and responded there. Some team members required a little bit of encouragement with this, but I was really trying to push people to use Kona to communicate with each other. I think everyone understood the value of what I was doing because now I see them online in Kona all the time. Instead of sending emails they start new conversations and create discussions around our tasks, which helps keep us all organized and on top of our due dates.

Q: What feature of Kona has been the most helpful?
A: Kona has been helpful in a number of areas, primarily due to the conversations feature. For one, it enabled me to get up to speed with the Navigator project when I became the new product owner in the group. When I joined the space, many of the conversations were already in Kona so I could catch up on things in one place. Kona will also help when/if this project is transitioned to a new product owner. I want to make sure there is as much information in Kona as possible so that person can catch up on things just as I did when I first came in.

Everest Space

Q: What’s working the best for you?
A: I personally don’t like living in multiples places because it’s difficult to follow different things like discussions in Outlook, instant messenger conversations, and key documents in Sharepoint or a shared folder. When everything isn’t in one place conversations are often not in context of the individual tasks and files, which makes it more difficult to keep track of things. Kona eliminates all of this by providing one space to manage everything. And what’s more, Kona is also a great place for not only sharing documents with team members but also for collaborating on projects and creating long term assignments. I love knowing that I can pull Kona up in the morning and look at the different tasks I have to get an idea of what my focus should be for the day. It’s a good feeling to have a plan and have things under control.

Q: Do you have any fun or interesting stories from using Kona?
A: A few weeks ago I was giving a presentation to a customer in Phoenix and introduced Kona as it relates to some of the things we are looking at from an integration perspective. I talked about it for maybe five minutes, but even in just that short amount of time I caught the attention of the CFO in the room. His eyes lit up when I mentioned how I’m using Kona not only for work, but also for a remodeling project at home. As I continued to talk and share a screenshot of my own spaces in Kona, I noticed the CFO was busy on his iPad. I was pleased to discover after the presentation that he had been signing up for Kona and sharing his first space. Whenever I talk about Kona, I find that the more specific examples I can create or talk about, the more it resonates with people. People get it if you tell them how it works for you.

Q: Do you have any other specific examples of how you’re using Kona?
A: I’m also using Kona with my parents, siblings and their families to plan a vacation at a mountain resort to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. The space has gotten good use and my siblings have committed to using it – a good indicator of that for me is the fact that each family member has uploaded a profile photo. Each of us has taken on tasks for planning the trip, like making dinner reservations and researching excursions. We’ve all worked hard to make sure this a trip to remember.

Anniversary Trip Planning Space

Bret has shown us how Kona can be used in a variety of ways, from organizing business initiatives with teammates to planning family vacations. Visit and sign up today to get your busy life in one place. Like the CFO that Bret inspired, we hope that you’ve lit up with excitement after reading this article and are already thinking about your first space.

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