Clever Classroom Coordination

June 11, 2012

Teri from Massachusetts was excited to tell us about how she uses Kona to stay organized. With three kids of her own, and a classroom of kindergarteners to coordinate, she stays busy without the stress. Thanks for sharing with us Teri!

I thrive on the opportunity to be a part of my three kids’ lives, whether it’s doing ballet next to my daughter to coax her to participate in dance class, cheering at a baseball game, or coordinating the read-a-thon at school, I’ll be there.

Teri and her 3 children

As I’m sure many of you have experienced, planning events and making group decisions can be a time-consuming process filled with headaches and “will we pull this off?” moments. In the past I used email to solicit help or get verbal commitments from folks at school pickup. But these responses always felt a little vague to me: will she remember to get that to me, or can he really bring that? Often this leaves me texting folks the day before the event to remind them and confirm they really are on it. This is where Kona comes in: it not only speeds up the planning process, but also encourages people to reply. I don’t know why Kona works faster, it just does!

I’ve been using Kona since September to help plan activities for my child’s kindergarten class. To my fellow parents out there, I must say that Kona is easy to use—considering I am not tech-savvy—I can promise your stress level will decrease. In the classroom volunteer space on Kona, we assign volunteer jobs and know that they will be accomplished. Have you ever had someone tell you that they would bring in snacks for a Tuesday afternoon activity, and then show up empty handed? There is nothing worse than a group of hungry kids staring at you while you rummage through your purse hoping you have a personal stash of snacks to split 20 different ways. But using Kona, there is no more uncertainty about volunteering because once someone has signed up for a task; they’re in.

Kindergarten Classroom Calendar

My favorite part about Kona is that I can respond to comments through my email, without ever having to log in. This came in handy when we learned that the Valentine’s Day party needed to shift by 30 minutes due to a last-minute school assembly. We added a comment to the Valentine Volunteer Job and all 4 parents confirmed to me within an hour via email that they could accommodate the time shift. There were no phone calls, text messages or searching for email addresses to get that message out. Kona allows me to cut back on the steps that I have to take to communicate with others.

Kona has given me some of my time back, so now I can work as a volunteer instead of just coordinating them all. These early years go by so fast, I want to savor every minute of them. I spend less time tracking people down in email and more time enjoying the events. I have even thought about getting my extended family on Kona; it’s such a private space, we could chat about anything.

Thanks Kona!

Teri & the kids – Massachusetts

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