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Meeting Our Goals for 2013, Together … With Social Collaboration

2013 is just around the corner, which means it’s time to explore and embrace new projects and goals. After figuring out what to focus on, the next question is always, “How do I stick to my New Year’s resolutions?” Here are some tips and tricks for success from the Kona team, whether you are working […]

Social Collaboration and Kona: Perfect for Those Post-Holiday Activities

After the holiday rush is behind us, we often find ourselves looking for things to do. Although the decorating, baking, gift wrapping and partying are done (well, until the New Year’s Eve festivities), there are plenty of fun ways to stay busy after the holidays. For those with kids on holiday vacation, we have some […]

Kona Holiday Giveaway: Connecting Creatively!

Ready to participate in our last holiday giveaway for 2012? Kona users have created many creative spaces and we’d like to highlight those terrific ideas … and award some $10 Target or Amazon gift cards. First, watch the final social collaboration challenge video (below) to get some ideas for connecting with others in your own […]

Kona Giveaway: The Holiday Party Challenge

Kona is back for a second round of giving and holiday tips … and this week it’s holiday parties! With the holiday countdown in full swing, it’s definitely time to start finalizing those plans for get togethers, gift swaps, cookie contests and more. How do you take the stress out of these days? With Kona, […]

Kona’s Turkey Day Traditions

If you watch the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he is notorious for interviewing little kids about what the holidays mean to them. It’s always a segment I love to watch because of the variety of endearing and sometimes hilarious answers they give. So I took that thought to the streets of Kona. Ok, well […]

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