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Chase Leads, Not Your Coworkers’ Tails

  It’s Wednesday and you just finished your meeting with the proposal team to pull everything together to meet the submission deadline on Friday. You are feeling pretty good about it; a clear deadline of Thursday by close of business (COB) was given to the team so you have Friday to review it. You already […]

What can Kona do for your Business?

I was recently at an event in Stockholm called Women in Tech where I had the opportunity to hear astounding women in technology speak about their journey with innovation in a digital world. Among them included Cristina Stenbeck (Executive Chairman at Kinnevik), Michelle Guthrie (Managing Director, Partner Business Solutions at Google) and Rochelle King (Global […]

Top 10 Benefits of Social Collaboration to an IT Department and CIO

While many organizations talk about the need for improved social collaboration, many don’t truly understand what it means or how it can positively impact the company at large. The era of social business is here – forward-thinking companies are embracing social technologies as a way to better align key parts of their organizations, and the […]

Planning an Awesome (and Awesomely Complicated) Party

For the past five years, the folks in my office have partnered with The Variety Club of Boston to throw a huge holiday party for kids in therapeutic programs, special needs schools, and in mainstream schools and clubs in low-income Boston neighborhoods. Our staff describes the party as one of the best parts of the […]

The Art of Multitasking

I recently came across this article on Lifehacker about multitasking phone cases and it made me realize how much more we multitask today than we ever did, before innovative technology gave us the means to do so. Smart phones are a great place to start; think about how much you can do with them! I’ll paint […]

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