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You Asked…We Answered

The Kona Team is happy to announce the unveiling of a new recurring column called “You Asked, We Answered.”  It’s as simple as it sounds: we’ll answer your questions and reveal the things you are just itching to know about Kona.

“May the odds be ever in your favor” with reminders!

Fans of The Hunger Games know that Seneca Crane The Gamekeeper would definitely be using the Kona reminders feature to keep on top of all his responsibilities. The Gamemakers won’t miss a thing.

Profile Photos

Share a profile photo for yourself in Kona!   Photos help team members find you quickly and make it easier to begin a one-on-one chat with you since they can see who they’re talking to. In conversations, your photo appears next to your comments, making the experience nearer to an in-person conversation. Pictures also help […]

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