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A Better View

This article is geared towards those of you that have gone all-in with Kona, meaning your entire life is there. Everything from customer work to strategic planning, to home life and little league finds a place in Kona. We have been listening to those Kona-lifers out there, that have been asking for a way to […]

From CrackBerry to SlackBerry

A cautionary tale for IT Five years ago, Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, was on top of the world. BlackBerry was the dominant player in the smartphone market and organizations all over the world, from large government agencies to businesses of all sizes, helped BlackBerry to become such a staple in the market […]

Get Your Team Up and Running on Kona

Whenever you roll out a new tool to your employees or group members, the collective rolling of the eyes is practically audible.  It can be really difficult to show the benefits and get momentum on the tool, and all too often use dies off.  We want to help you avoid that outcome by lying out […]

Boost Your On-the-Go Productivity

The evolution of technology has brought us to a place where multitasking is second nature and people are always on-the-go. Being busy is the new norm and having spare time is, well, out of the ordinary. According to CMS Wire, the future is both mobile and social. With all the different ways to consume information, […]

Are You “A Little Red Hen”?

Are you a Little Red Hen?You know the fable… The Little Red Hen does all the work (planting, harvesting, threshing, milling and baking) to turn a single wheat seed into a delicious loaf of bread. But throughout her efforts, she can’t get her barnyard friends to help until it’s time to participate in the fun […]

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