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Kona Business is Here!

Thousands of groups, organizations and businesses rely on the FREE version of Kona every day. Today we are thrilled to announce a premium offering called Kona Business, specifically aimed at the needs of organizations who are ready to bring the benefits of social collaboration to all of their employees, customers and partners. After running a […]

Boost Your On-the-Go Productivity

The evolution of technology has brought us to a place where multitasking is second nature and people are always on-the-go. Being busy is the new norm and having spare time is, well, out of the ordinary. According to CMS Wire, the future is both mobile and social. With all the different ways to consume information, […]

Announcing New Mobile Features!

We’re helping you take your on-the-go productivity to the next level with these new Kona mobile features! The next time that you introduce someone to Kona at a professional conference or in line at the grocery store, you can invite them to one of your spaces, or have them sign up on their own. We […]

Not Your Traditional Office Holiday Party

A traditional office holiday party is a nice break from the work routine and gives employees an opportunity to relax and be “merry” with music, dancing, food and good company. And this gives companies an opportunity to thank their employees for a year of hard work, dedication and success. Five years ago, the Deltek employees […]

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