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I hate your meeting!

I HATE meetings.  And specifically, I HATE your meetings.  Hate is a strong word I know, but if I used the stronger words I wanted to, It might not be safe to read at work.  So why do I hate your meeting? First you invite me to a meeting without a purpose, agenda or goals […]

What can Kona do for your Business?

I was recently at an event in Stockholm called Women in Tech where I had the opportunity to hear astounding women in technology speak about their journey with innovation in a digital world. Among them included Cristina Stenbeck (Executive Chairman at Kinnevik), Michelle Guthrie (Managing Director, Partner Business Solutions at Google) and Rochelle King (Global […]

The Art of Multitasking

I recently came across this article on Lifehacker about multitasking phone cases and it made me realize how much more we multitask today than we ever did, before innovative technology gave us the means to do so. Smart phones are a great place to start; think about how much you can do with them! I’ll paint […]

Meetings: To Attend or Not to Attend?

I personally have noticed that the GTD community is one of the most active and engaging online communities. Participants have developed their own ways to master productivity and enjoy sharing in their discoveries. I like to see what works and doesn’t work for others, and then try out the tips that resonate with my own […]

Jealousy Arises Towards Remote Workers

Deltek recently ran a survey asking employees world-wide about their feelings towards telecommuting. The results? A striking 57 percent say they are jealous of colleagues who have the option to work remotely. The key to understanding this finding is to take a look at the reasons that telecommuting is so desirable (for some). What it […]

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