Book Clubs Are Not Just for Moms!

March 02, 2012
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss


One challenge I have as a mom is keeping a stream of new books coming into my house to keep my boys interested in reading. After chatting with some of my mom friends, we decided to start a book club for our children where they share books in a fun social setting.

Starting a book club for children is really easy and you can coordinate it all in Kona:

  • First, choose a format. Will it be more of a lending library (best approach for younger readers) or will they all read the same book?  The children in our book club like to choose a theme each month and “check out” their books from our shared lending library.
  • Next decide some basics. How long will your meetings run? Will you meet at the library, take turns hosting at your homes, or maybe meet up at the park on nice days?
  • Then you just need a simple agenda for your meetings. Here’s how we do it: return books, share circle time to talk about them, do a craft or activity, pick out new books, and close by sharing a snack. To help with the book discussions, it’s a good idea to think of a couple questions ahead of time. Which book did you like best? Who was your favorite character? We also give each child a journal to make notes about the stories they read; they can reference the journals during circle time to take off the pressure of being “put on the spot.”

Kona makes this book club really easy to manage.  We use the calendar to share meeting dates, keep a spreadsheet (on the files tab) to track the book titles, lenders, and borrowers, and use tasks to track who’s hosting, bringing snacks, and leading the activity. Conversations make it easy to gather all the titles everyone is bringing to the next book club meeting, so then we can prepare the loaning sheet ahead of time and make any last-minute changes.

This club is going so well, I want to start using Kona for a grownups book club, too!  Instead of snacks, maybe our conversations will be about who’s bringing the wine!

Interested? Here are more resources to get your children’s book club started:

“How to start a book club for kids” (MSNBC)


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