And the Kona Moment Contest Winners are….

October 25, 2012

Last month we hosted our first Kona Contest, asking our users to submit their best Kona Moments for a chance to win big. We received great stories from our users, spanning across many different spectrums of daily life. Stories ranged from a chemist cataloguing his research and findings, all the way to a manager of a webzine for girls using Kona with volunteer writers to coordinate content, stories and songs. Non-profits, athletic sports teams and even kindergarten classes were among the submissions. After the entry window closed, the contest conversation opened. The team created the ‘Kona Moment Space’ and uploaded the stories into a conversation kicking off the difficult deliberation. Not to add another plug about Kona, but … here’s another plug about Kona. Take a large group of people, sprinkle in different personalities, visions and ways of doing things and try to make a single, unified decision. That’s always a tough order for any group, but Kona allows you to come to a decision together, and in our case…pick a winner. After much collaboration, we decided that we just couldn’t decide…on just one. Therefore, without further adieu…Drum roll please….we are happy to announce that Christina and Johnpaul are both the big winners of the Kona Moment Contest- oh, and owners of new iPads! Congratulations you two. Check out their stories below… we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Christina’s Story:

Kona was our savior for the Indian Meadow “Summer of Baseball.” Back in early June, 2012, the residents of the Indian Meadow neighborhood received a letter from a baseball facility that was in the process of purchasing the golf course our neighborhood resides on. At first, it didn’t seem like a bad idea, I love baseball! However, we soon found out that our quiet community was on the verge of some very big changes. The baseball facility was planning on building four baseball fields, spectator stands, 80 foot light posts, announcement systems, and tall fences on a spot where there are rivers, greens, trees, wildlife, very little noise, and no lights other than the sun, the moon and the stars.Kona Winner Christina
Thanks to our very strong community, we quickly coordinated a group of residents to research, study, coordinate, and plan our battle to keep our way of life the way we know and love it to be. The first question that came up was, “How are we going to communicate between 140 residents?” Having had exposure to Kona for our pool club, I quickly suggested that I could set up a space online and privately invite members, so as to not have “outsiders” viewing our information. This site could be used to post links, share files, set up meetings and tasks, remind residents of town meetings, and communicate important ideas. It worked fantastically! We have over 100 members in our Kona group. There is no way we could have had the proper communication on such a wide scale without Kona. We had neighborhood meetings that were communicated via Kona. Every town meeting on the Kona calendar was a packed house, with residents having to stand in the hallway because the attendance was so strong. Residents were well informed when they spoke. We were all on the same page and confident in our facts. In the end, after an entire summer of meetings and presentations, we finally won our battle and the baseball facility was denied their request to build next to our neighborhood.
Many neighbors who have lived in our community for 10, 15 or 20 years, have said that although it took this event to bring us together, we have now met people that we previously never knew or only waved to in passing. Kona truly helped us become stronger. We are now using it to communicate other information and events that we feel our neighbors might find useful. In fact, we just used it to plan our Celebratory Block Party!

Thank you Kona!


Johnpaul’s Story

My name is Johnpaul, and I am the creator of a martial arts studio known as Red Lotus Bukido. Red Lotus BukidoI launched my studio over two years ago, spreading by word of mouth, all while working multiple jobs. With a busy schedule, I had a hard time moving my dream job onto the front burner. Kona changed that for me. Secretly I put my goals on the “Task” menu so that my morning emails keep me motivated to achieve those goals. The task area is like my own secretary, always knows what I am supposed to have completed and when. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing off items on my tasks list. Since I am a growing Martial Arts academy (emphasis on the growing part) I list the number of students I want to gain in a month. Sometimes I fall behind in that number, but when I nail it I get to cross it off and start again. Very Satisfying indeed! I can set calendar events with e-mail reminders, coordinate with students and staff, and grow my business to what it is now. My marketing director and I are constantly using the conversation section to keep each other up to date & current. Next month I will be inviting my students to join in Kona as well. That way I can keep them in the loop of special events, new classes, and even to tap into what they would like to gain from our time together, that way I can better serve. I feel they will benefit from Kona as much as I have. Many of them are college students and could use it to keep their studies in order. My experience with Kona grows and grows each day. Not only does it keep me centered and on task, it keeps me motivated.

Thanks to Kona, I will be moving my Dojo to a better location and adding more classes. That is the power of organization.

Red Lotus Bukido

Johnpaul -Red Lotus Bukido

The Kona Team wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who participated in the Kona Moment Contest. We really enjoyed hearing all of your stories and learning how Kona is helping you to do great things in your life. And to our readers and users- we hope these stories inspire you and demonstrate just how far Kona can go to help you reach your goals.

Look out for future Kona contests on our social media channels for more chances to win big!

The Kona Team

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