Amazing Kona Community Connections

January 11, 2013

The 2012 Holiday season was everything we thought it would be and more. We heard from several of our users about the things they enjoyed this year: charity events, holiday jingles, parties and never-ending supplies of sweets, treats and can’t-pass-up-eats. The one item that topped the list was the close connections strengthened during this holiday season. Whether you traveled near or far, or not at all, we hope you were able to share the specialness and holiday joy with family, friends and those close to you. And although the holidays are wrapped up and in most houses all traces that they ever happened are gone, we want to continue spreading that ‘spirit of sharing’ over into the New Year. Our ‘Kona Connects’ holiday challenge was about sharing the unique ways you’re using Kona in your work and personal lives. And we must say, our Community is definitely connecting and in some pretty amazing ways! We wanted to share some of these stellar uses with the rest of the Community to get those connection “synapses” going.

From a giving campus:

Kona Connects a Campus This holiday season, students, faculty and community members at Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, NC were focused on more than gift giving and party planning. In addition to these holiday traditions, they were busy giving back to the campus by planning the construction of a new academic building. Coordinating and communicating around the ideas, work and progress of such a large project requires a very well-connected group. The project managers called upon the expertise of Kona to help them keep everyone in the loop, including the very-important architects on the site. They have been able to successfully use Kona to share feedback and make important decisions collectively throughout their crucial planning phases. Because of the connections between faculty, students and the community, their new “green” building is well on it’s way to being given to the college.


From a cruise director and party planner:

I am a cruise director and party planner for a private social club. In the beginning, our group used Yahoo Groups to stay connected, but the other members rarely logged into the calendar to see what was going on within our team. This made it difficult for us to stay on the same page, so I turned to email, hoping this would help us stay updated. Unfortunately, the email threads became too long, making my account a mess and becoming an annoyance for everyone. Now we have a team calendar where I can add and share events with the others. The best part is that the other members are also adding their events; no more relying on this Cruise Director to do it for them. Things have been going really well and now there is a lot of fun happening in this social group!


From a lover of food and family:Kona Connects Cookbook

I love cooking, so I set up a Kona “Family Cookbook” space. My family and I save all of our favorite recipes here. I test each recipe, track my modifications and notes and eventually give the “chefs” sign-off by adding it to my final recipe Google Doc. When I have collected enough recipes, I will create a cookbook to give as a gift to family members. Kona is helping me collect our treasured family recipes so they can be passed on from generation to generation!


We are honored to be a part of these great connections. Oh, and the Kona Team would love a signed copy of that Family Cookbook once it goes to press! We’ll be sharing more Community uses soon, so stay tuned; and if you want to share your Kona uses with us, we’d love to hear them so drop us a line at or on our facebook page.

Happy New Year!

Allison M. – Kona Community Manager


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