A New Release for the New Year

January 17, 2013

The start of a new year is a time to embrace change and explore new opportunities and goals for the year. 2013 in particular will be a year of transformation, and Kona is joining in on this theme by bringing you new functionality to help you tackle the changes and new projects in your life. Check out the new features and let us know what you think! We hope you enjoy them.

New Notifications

There are now two different kinds of notifications, making it easier for you to sort through your new Kona activity. Next to the Kona logo in the top left corner of the screen there is a conversation bubble, which indicates how many new comment updates you have. Next to the conversation bubble is a new globe symbol, showing you all your Kona activity updates. These updates are for things like space invitations, newly created tasks, or a file that has been added to a conversation. Click on the globe to see the new activities, which will be stamped white. After you have read an activity, it will be stamped gray. Now when your Kona is lit up with orange, it is clearer to you what kind of activity has been going on.

Styled Searching

If you’re looking for the search box, it’s not gone, we just moved it! It’s now located in the wood paneling next to “My Kona” or a space.

Revised Navigation

The left side of Kona now looks very different, and although you may not be used to it, we promise it’s for good reasons. You can now access your spaces and the people you are connected to all from the left side.


Click “Spaces” to open up a list of all your spaces, giving you the opportunity to enter into any of them. You can also add new spaces right from here. By clicking “manage” you will be brought to the space page where you can manage your spaces.


Underneath spaces are “People;” click this to open up a list of the people you are connected to in Kona. You can search for individuals to start a 1:1 chat from here. By clicking “manage” you will be brought to the people page where you can favorite individuals and view contact information. We’ve brought all these options to you in one place, so navigating through your spaces and connections is easy to do.

Changing the Way You Add Items

We’ve made some changes to the Add on the left side of the page that we think you’ll like. Click “Add to Kona” to add a conversation, task, event or file to any space. You might notice that we removed the option to add a space; you can now add a space from within the “Spaces” option found below. We’ve made this change to group space management options, like adding new spaces, deleting old ones, and hiding inactive ones, into one place. Now you can focus on adding new conversations, tasks, files and events to any of your spaces, all from one place.

Quick Tips

We’ve brought our tips and tricks into Kona to better assist you as you become a Kona expert. The new Quick Tips feature is triggered when you try something in Kona for the first time; it’s there to help you get oriented with key features . Pop-ups will also appear in Kona telling you about a new release so you know right away that there are new features to explore. You have the choice to turn the quick tips on and off in your profile settings. We hope you find these helpful!

Dropbox, Box.com and Google Drive Integration

File sharing in Kona just got even better. In addition to sharing newly updated files, links, images, Google docs and existing Kona files with others, you can now share files from your Dropbox Box.com accounts. To upload a file from Dropbox, click the paperclip icon to share or upload a file in Kona as you would normally. When the options pop up, click Dropbox File.

You will then be prompted to sign in to your Dropbox account to authenticate a connection with Kona. Voila! Now you can upload Dropbox files as easily as any other kind of file. As long as you are signed in to Dropbox on your browser, you can access your Dropbox files from within Kona.

To upload a file from Box, click the paperclip icon and select “Box file” to share or upload a file from your Box account. You will be prompted to complete a one-time authorization to allow Kona to access your Box account. After this point, you will be able to share Box files anywhere in Kona.

We’ve also updated our Google Docs integration to make it easier for you to browse through your files. When you click the paperclip to select an existing Google Doc, your Google Drive account will pop up, allowing you to search your Google Docs just as you would directly in Google Drive.

Viewing Only Unread

We know how important those unread comments are, so we wanted to give them some extra emphasis. Now when you log in and select the “unread” tab under conversations, the “read” group is collapsed by default so you can focus just on the new comments that need your attention. After reading through all your new comments and you want to bring your read conversations into view, just click “Read Conversations” to access them.

Lightbox Feature

We have a completely brand new feature that will improve your image-browsing experience. The Lightbox isolates an image and enlarges it to make it easier for you to see. If there are multiple images located in one place, like within a conversation or the files tab, you can browse through them using the arrows located on the left and right sides of the images. You can also browse and enlarge the images using the options located at the top of the page.

From the files tab, select “Grid view,” located next to the word “Manual” in the top right corner of the page, for a clearer view of the images. From there you can select to view “Images” at the top. You can select your starting point by clicking on any image. The image will pop up in the Lightbox, where you can browse to the next using the arrow. There will also be a row of thumbnail images beneath the Lightbox, where you can select which image you want to view next. The Lightbox feature is particularly great for using file folders. For example, if you have a file folder for all the pictures from your trip to Florida, you can easily browse through them all and relive the experience, right in Kona.

Freedom to Rearrange

We wanted to give you full control over the way you organize the important information in your life, so we’ve created a way for you to manually sort tasks and files. Just click on a task or file and hold your mouse down as you drag and drop the item into its new location. You can choose how you sort these items, with highest priority at the top or even at the bottom: you decide what will work best for you. You can also use the card sort view to get a better look at your tasks and files. Just click on a card, hold your mouse down and drag it to its new location in the grid.

We are so excited about these Kona updates and we think you’ll like them too. Your ideas and suggestions continue to help us as we create new features that everyone can enjoy. Look out for future Kona release posts so you can be the first to know about our new updates.

Thanks for your support, Kona Community!

The Kona Team

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