A Heartfelt Makeover: Kona Edition

August 02, 2012

Bob from Kansas City is the definition of a busy man: with five kids, five consulting companies to work with, weekly business trips, early morning workouts, and some free time to sleep, he still finds time to help renovate the home of a woman from his church. He impressed the Kona team with all that he does, and it’s great to hear that Kona has helped him and the team of builders get the job done. Thanks for reaching out, Bob!

When it was made public that a young mother from my parish had been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, it didn’t take long for a few people to decide to lead a team who would ultimately redesign and rebuild the first floor of her 85-year-old home. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Lou Gehrig’s disease, it’s a fatal disease that will render this woman wheelchair-bound for at least a few years, with worse symptoms to follow. We wanted to put a master bedroom, master bathroom and new kitchen on the first floor so it would be completely wheelchair accessible. This plan also included taking over the garage and making it a part of the newly expanded space.

Final Floor Plan

Builders Floor Plan

From the very beginning, we were busy creating design plans and coming up with ways to tackle this project. A suggestion was made to use Dropbox to share the 3D model of the house I drew up, but I thought that putting it in Kona would be a more efficient way of file sharing. And from there, the group immediately began using the space I created. The group has grown to about 15 people and we are able to initiate conversations around tasks and decisions for the project, including sharing images, product information, design considerations and scheduled events. Construction started in April and immediately got into a routine that allowed continued and constant progress.

Kitchen & Entry Way Before & After

Kona is a great place for the team leaders to keep the builders up to speed with upcoming scheduled events and lingering decisions. When someone needs a question answered, such as which color to paint the bathroom walls, people will respond and decisions are made much quicker than if we relied on email. The person charged with leading the construction also uses the events feature to tell the volunteers what they will be working on for that night or day, and in turn they will receive a notification to their email with the same details. Everyone stays on the same page and shows up to the work site prepared, no matter how busy their days were. As we proceed with building, we can post updated images of the house so everyone can see what things look like. If a team member can’t make it to a work session, they are able to witness the progress in Kona.

Kona has provided an incredible and effective way to work as a team. It’s good for the people who aren’t contractors or in the construction business because they are able to stay in touch with the head of construction and help out when needed. Kona has been very well received, and without it, the job at hand would have been done much differently. We have completed the project in just four months and everyone on the building team has worked hard to make this project a success. But seeing the homeowner’s smile when she got her home back was the biggest success of all.

Teamwork paid off!

Thanks Kona!

Bob and the builders- Missouri

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