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May 22, 2014

This article is geared towards those of you that have gone all-in with Kona, meaning your entire life is there. Everything from customer work to strategic planning, to home life and little league finds a place in Kona. We have been listening to those Kona-lifers out there, that have been asking for a way to filter out personal life spaces during work hours, and vice versa. Conversations from your son’s baseball team space should not be popping up as you’re trying to respond to a customer in one of you client work spaces.

Now you can choose to interact with just the spaces that are most important to you at the time, allowing you to filter out the ones that you would rather catch up on later. As a member of several project teams, a handful of customer-related spaces are most critical for me, so I want to group those 4 spaces together to create a view called Client Work.

Select Manage Spaces

Step 1 – Create a Space Category and give it a name

Click Add Category to create a new group for your spaces

Step 2 – Assign spaces to that new Category

Hover to the right of the space name and choose the small arrow to Edit Space

Assign the space to the new category from the dropdown list. Repeat as needed to add more spaces to the category.


Step 3 – Filter by this new Category in your My Kona view

Then see your My Kona view transform to show just what you need at that moment, including tasks, events and files!

You can toggle back to your complete My Kona view by choosing All, or select a different view or category to focus on other spaces. Your unread count in the upper left corner will always reflect your total unread message count, and the unread count under the My Kona view will reflect the unread count of the Category view (Client Work in this example) you have chosen.

Create as many categories as you need to most effectively filter your spaces for the many hats you wear throughout the day. The Client Work view in  will allow you to see all the milestones and meetings across your customers spaces in that view under Events, filtering out all your other appointments, and when you view your Home Life category you can see your consolidated to-do list under Tasks for little league, home improvement projects and the family reunion.  Use these views to focus on what is most important in the moment and increase your efficiency so you have more time to enjoy life!


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