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Check out new mobile features!

We’re bringing you new mobile features that will help make your experience even speedier, saving you time searching for people and spaces, looking for urgent comments, and accessing web pages. We hope you enjoy them! Enhanced Search When creating or editing an activity, you can now search for a space or person without needing to […]

Big Stories from the Big Island

Up for a challenge and want to win an iPad mini? In a short video (90 seconds or less), share your story about how Kona has made a positive impact on your business. Show viewers that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and inspire them to embark on their own journeys […]

What Your Business Can Learn from a Vacuum

I have to admit, I kind of enjoy vacuuming. I take great satisfaction in removing the foulness of the world that is dragged in by unwitting carriers and deposited on my floors. Recently, during one of my less pleasant vacuuming sessions, I got to thinking about how frustrating it is that there are still major […]

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