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Kona’s Turkey Day Traditions

If you watch the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he is notorious for interviewing little kids about what the holidays mean to them. It’s always a segment I love to watch because of the variety of endearing and sometimes hilarious answers they give. So I took that thought to the streets of Kona. Ok, well […]

Winning Big With the Barenaked Ladies & Kona

Steven Titus was one of many people at Insight who attended a special session called “Getting a Team Going With Kona.” After the session, Steven chatted with speaker Jeff Eckerle about how he’s using Kona at his company. Little did we know, we’d be hearing more of Steven’s story later on because he was the […]

The Email “Tipping Point”

We all use email every day as our main point of communication with the rest of the world.  It’s quick and easy although there are limitations.

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