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You Asked…We Answered

The Kona Team is happy to announce the unveiling of a new recurring column called “You Asked, We Answered.”  It’s as simple as it sounds: we’ll answer your questions and reveal the things you are just itching to know about Kona.

Deltek Employee Shares Kona Successes

We spent some time interviewing Bret, an employee at Deltek, who is using Kona to manage both work and personal projects in his life. It was great to hear that he can balance his work tasks on top of doing a remodeling project at home and planning an anniversary event. Thanks for talking with us, […]

Diva Dash

Meredith is on a team with roughly 40 women who will be competing in a Diva Dash race. Kona has helped her to bring the team together, organize group training, and plan some fun at the finish line. Thanks for writing in, Meredith!

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